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Rotor Bearin65
Rotor Completes(selt-draining series)
Rotor Completes(self-sucking series)
Rotor Completes(self-sucking series)2
Resilient mounting series
Opening Roller bearings&completes
Press pulley(guiding,supporting)bearings
Allimininum press pulley completes
Backlite press pulley completes
Rollers (bearings &cots)
Texturizing bearings

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No. Type Serial Number Series of Frame
0 YZ2B* FA601-2400-12 FA601
1 YZ2B* FA601-2400-12B FA601
2 YZ2B* FA601-2400-14 FA601
3 YZ3B* FA601-2400-17 BD200、FA601
4 YZ6B* A591-2400-3 SQ1A、A591
5 YZ6B* A591-2400-3B SQ1C
6 YZ21(A) BT902/905
7 YZ21(B) BT902/905